Friday, September 7, 2012

Hurry up...and wait

I know that all of you reading this that have gone through the foster/adopt/adoption process have heard the saying, 'hurry up and wait'.  This is what we have been doing since Easter.  But, as of yesterday afternoon (September 6th), we got THE call from our agency!  We are LICENSED! YAY!  Now, what does that mean?  Hurry up and wait.

Matt and I are now licensed with the state to take in children, but have to wait for the right match to come about... hence the waiting part.  Waiting for the phone to ring.  Meanwhile, I feel a sense of urgency to get the house spotless, the rooms ready, etc.  But what do we need?  A crib or a bed?  Baby toys or Parkers toys? Are we going to get a baby or a 3 year old?  1 or 2?  You get the picture.  The controlling side of me is going crazy. I. need. to. know.

 Oh well, I'm sure this is a growing part for me.  Waiting for Gods timing.  Yup, we're waiting...

...I do have a feeling we won't be waiting for long, we shall see.  Keep.  You.  Posted.

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