Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Motherhood will teach you a lot.  A lot.  Lately, I have noticed that I would like to make all of Parker's choices for him because, of course, I know better.  I can see beyond his choice. Do I make any sense?  For example, lets take friendship.  My son is a delightful, funny, sweet friend.  But my son seems to have some difficulty in this area.  He has a couple of good friends, but doesn't see the need to reach out and get to know a lot of other children. I know how happy he would be if he would just play with other kids more, or want their companionship more...  But I also know that, #1, you can't reason to that extent with a 3 year old... and #2, you can't make these choices for him.  All you can do is lead by example, encourage him to do the right things, sit and wait. The things I know that are good for him maybe are not the things he is going to choose... and that kills me!

For some reason that has been on my mind a lot, and perhaps now I know why.  I have made a correlation between what I feel about Parker and what God must feel about us.  I mean, God can see in our future, he MADE our future. I bet He is looking down on us from Heaven, watching us make bad choices or missing opportunities He has given us, and screaming...  "Listen to me!  I know the best choice for you!" But again and again we choose not to listen or ignore Him completely.  I bet He is frustrated with us daily!  How silly are we not to listen to what choices God wants us to make?  He knows better than us... always.

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