Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mommy School

I am going to be 'that' mom.  That mom who is at the school everyday.  That mom who makes sure that her childs' art work is displayed.  That mom who makes sure that my kid is treated fairly.  That mom who is on the PTA.  That mom, you know her?

Since Parker was 2, he has been in some sort of school, and I have been involved.  I have worked with him at home, using the endless free website/blogs/printables for toddlers and preschoolers.  But now as he approaches preschool/kindergarten, I am beginning to learn that with all my over involvement, over teaching (so I thought), we might be one step behind.

I was so proud... and still am, by the way... about Parker, who was 3 at the time, started to write his name!  I thought, good job.  We should be average, or above average.  But, now his teacher wants him to write his name... lowercase.  WHAT?  We are behind.  Lame.  As much as I am involved in his teaching, education, etc, I want Parker to be a 4 year old.  Have fun, play, act silly, everything a 4 year old is supposed to do before he has to go to school for the next 5 million years...

So, I try to balance.  We have 'mommy school' about 3 times a week working on cutting, writing, and other things.  I am so proud of Parker though.  As long as he has the opportunity to learn a new skill and practice, he's catches on quickly!

I tell myself, we've got a whole year before kindergarten.  Get a grip.  Sometimes I listen to myself, sometimes I don't..

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