Friday, April 13, 2012

A Little Sporty...

Ever since Parker could walk, Matt and I have noticed that he is very gifted (and knowledgable) about sports.  He loves playing any sport at any time.  So, this year I decided to put him in Blastball (which is a peewee form of T ball, and soccer.  But to be honest, the main reason I put him in soccer was because I wanted to buy the cute little cleats.  Shopping. 
Its a sickness I have.

Turns out he IS really good at this team sport thing... Well, as good a s 3 year old can be, anyway.  Matt and I have no idea where he got his athleticism from, since neither of us have an ounce in us!

So, here are some pictures that I snapped with my iPhone.

There are 5 boys on his team.  His good friend Dante, and a set of triplets!  Its the cutest thing to watch them!

And here is Parker and his cute friend, Dante.

Now here are some pictures of my little soccer player!


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